Important Announcements

Welcome to the new look of the WA website! It's been many years, but we've finally gotten a facelift. Continue on to the WA Forums, or feel free to browse our new pages here and learn more about the clan. Additional announcements will be posted as time goes on.

- Moscow

"The only thing in life that matters is your integrity. It's the only thing that can never be taken away. Your wealth, your objects, your job, your home, your respect, your children, all can be taken from you. But not your integrity. Not your oaths." - Saint Loki

Hail! And welcome to the hall of the Warriors of Æsir!


We are the Warriors of Æsir, the Einherjar of Odin, the chosen warriors who stand beside the forces of light as fate itself turns against the world. We have endured the Ragnarok. We have survived a thousand victories and a thousand defeats. Even the ever-cold drifts of time could not pull us away from our duty, our destiny. Every test, every trial, and every tribulation we endure we have overcome. We began our journey on StarCraft, but we have since expanded far beyond that first horizon. From Halo, to Mech Assault 2, to Freelancer, to Chrome Hounds, to World of Warcraft, and to Eve we've ventured, taking the spear of the Æsir to far-flung battlefields and the hope of the Vanir to our friends. From the day our noble clan was founded on June 1st, 2001, we've told our story and paved our future with integrity.


Norse NamingHow to create a new Viking identity!


Although not a strict requirement, members are encouraged to adopt a Norse name once they are knighted or become an officer. We currently have a collection of Norse vocabulary, making the creation of a new Norse name very simple. Unless specifically allowed, members are not allowed to name themselves after Norse gods and heroes (such as Thor or Beowulf).


Wæsirpedia The new Warriors of Æsir Wiki!


Created exactly nine and a half years after the founding of the clan, Wæsirpedia was launched on December 21st, 2010. Its mission is to document our traditions, history, and notable aspects of the clan. A source of inspiration and knowledge, our Wiki will be a guiding light when all others fade to gray.


Ninth Year Dedication

quote  I founded WA on June 1st 2001. It was a small clan tossed around the large unforgiving landscape of battlenet. There was little stability, and few saw the promise in the clan beyond perhaps a few months, when like all other clans it would wither away and die. But that day never came. Through revolt, betrayal, victory and fire, I have seen WA struggle against all manner of enemy and crises. From golden age to bleak wasteland and back, I've watched it fortunes rise and fall like the tides. I will not lie, it has been has been taxing. So much invested here in this single isolated clan over the years. Almost a decade now.. Never doubt that it wasn't worth it. No matter what tomorrow holds, today was a triumph."

- Emperor Dane the Proud

June 2nd, 2010