Rules, Houses, Norse Naming

Our Traditions


The Warriors of Æsir is an old clan with a distinct personality. It has merged within itself modern naval/military aspects with older Norse and Germanic settings. The culture of the clan is also very much affected by heroic Germanic concepts. Songs are sung for brave heroes of the clan, titles and are given to those worthy of remembrance, kinsmen are carefully recorded and feudal Houses are carefully documented.

WA's purpose is to offer something different, something unique in a world that is quickly being consumed by clones of the same dead-end concept, and of shallow clans who feast upon the successes of others. We are the lone, shining beacon of change and defiance: we are the future, we are WA.

Basic Rules & Protocol


While most of WA's rules can be found on the forums, either in the Clan Rules subforum or the subforum specific to a Platoon, Division, or Legion, WA does have a set of very basic rules applicable to any game a WA member plays on. WA members should strive to consider themselves role models, and behave in appropriate ways.

The use of hacks or third-party programs which affect gameplay are strictly prohibited by WA.

Members of WA are not allowed to use vulgar language in public or clan gaming channels. This includes slurs and comments involving racist remarks, one's sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and other offensive remarks. WA does not tolerate members engaging in discrimination of other members and gamers.

WA does not tolerate drama. This includes uncivil, personal attacks on other members, persistent spamming, and "soap opera" behavior.

WA doesn't tolerate multiclanning. If you're a member of other clans, you need to make a decision about whether to drop them or leave us.

Members of WA salute when entering clan channels, and salute in return when someone else enters and salutes.

Epochs of WA


Throughout WA's long existence, it has seen many periods of despair and prosperity. Each epoch is signified by a unique mark, one of WA's medals of recognition, which are granted to members who actively served during those eras of WA.


Houses & Families


All members of WA can trace their lineage back to a key individual. Members of WA pride themselves on the communities and groups they build, and strive to keep records of all recruits. Major groupings of recruits based on common lineage have resulted in the existence of several Houses. Each House is ruled by a Lord who is voted upon by that House's Knighted members. Major recruitment lineages within Houses are known as Families.

All Houses had a unique Knightly Order. Knights were members of WA who have undertaken special training and responsibilities, and have proven themselves worthy of being considered exceptional members. These Knight Orders were retired due to their purposes being outdated from the Starcraft Era. They are now replaced by Chapters.

Norse Naming


Although not a strict requirement, members are encouraged to adopt a Norse name once they are knighted or become an officer. We have a large collection of Norse vocabulary, making the creation of a new Norse name very simple. We do not allow members to name themselves after Norse gods or heroes (like Odin or Beowulf) unless specifically allowed to.

Norse given names are traditionally dithematic; that is, they are formed from two elements, by joining a prefix and a suffix. For example, Lord Athkusi's name was derived from "Ath", for "noble", and "Kusi" for "terror". Furthermore, male names often end in the additional consonant of 'r'; this is an optional choice however. For example, the name "Hrafnfrey" could be changed to "Hrafnfreyr" dependent on the name creator's wishes. Similairly, female names have the option to add the vowel "a" to the end of them. Examples of members who have created Norse names include:

Alfdis, Eldfinnr, GildiToth, Ingivarr, Ramvir, Vargas

A - Ancestor
Ag (Og) - Terror, awe
Al - All, whole
Ald - Old
Alf - Elf
Alm - Elm tree
Arn (Arinn) - Eagle
Arr - General
As - Divine
Ath - Noble, foremost
Athr - Fighter
Auth - Abundance, happiness
Aust - East

Bark - Bark
Bassi - Bear
Bein - Holly
Beinn - Bone, leg
Berg - Protector, mountain
Bjartr - Bright
Bjarn - Bear
Bjorn - Bear
Bjórr - Beaver
Böth - Battle
Bori - To bear, bearer
Borg -Protector
Bót - Remedy
Brandr - Sword, fire
Brún - Bright shining dawn
Brunn - Stream, brook
Bryn - Mail coat
Bryti - Steward

Dagr - Day
Dis - Protection Djúr - Beast
Dorr - God (Thor)
Dýri - Dear, expensive

Ei(n) - One
Eithr - Brilliance, beauty
Eld - Fire
Ey - Lucky

Far - Travel on a boat
Fasti - Strong, firm, fast
Fastr - Speed
Finnr - Magic worker
Fjöl -Exceedingly
Folk - People, warriors
Fotr - Foot
Frey - Lord
Frithr - Beloved, peace
Frost(i) - Frost
Fugl - Bird
Fuld - Plain, land
Fúss - Seeker
Fyl - Rotten, nasty, stinking

Gal - Wild, crazy, mad
Gamal - Old
Gang - Going, walking
Garth - Yard
Gef (Gjaf) - To give
Geirr - Spear
Gígr - To stagger
Gildi - Guild brother
Gísl - Arrow shaft
Gjarth - Reconstructed
Gnauth - Noise, alarm
Goth (Guth) - God
Grimr - Mask
Gunn - War, battle
Gylfi - Rippling sea with yells and roars

Ha - High, battle
Haf - Sea
Hag - Comfortable
Half- Half
Hall - Flat stone/slab
Har - Military force, army

Harth - Hard
Hath - Susprise
Hethin - Fur, pelt
Heg - Cherry tree
Heil - Luck, happiness
Heim - Home
Helg - Dedicated to the gods
Her - Army, military force
Hildi - Battle
Herr - Army
Hjálm - Helmet
Hjör - Sword
Hlíf - Defense, protection, shield
Hólm - Island
Horn - Horn
Hös(s) - Grey
Höfthi - Head
Hrafn (Rafn) - Raven
Hrathr - Speedy
Hring (Ring) - Ring
Hrothr (Hro) (Roth) - Praise
Hross - Horse
Hug - Thought, mind
Hult - Small forest
Hún - Bear cub, high
(H)undr - Dog, hound
Hús - Room, house
Hvalr - Whale
Hvatr - Quick, bold, daring, manly
Hvít - White

Ígul (Jól) - Hedgehog
Ingi - Lance, staff
Ís - Ice, on seawater

Jar - Battle
Járn - Iron
Jarpr - Brown
Jo - Horse
Jöfur (Jór ) - Prince, wild Boar

Kali - To freeze, be cold
Kálfr - Calf
Karl - Man
Kárr - Curled, bowed
Kell/Ketill - Helmet
Knútr - Knot
Kofri - Hood
Kol - Coal (poetic way of saying "very black")
Kolfr - Club, blunt arrow
Korpr - Raven
Kúsi - Person who inspires fear or dread
Kvíg - Young bullock, lively

Leikr (Lak) - Player
Leifr - Heir, legacy
Lith - Warband, troop
Lík(n) - Goodness, compassion, favor/help, solace
Lini - Soft, meek, gentle
Litli - Small, little
Ljót - Bright, shining
Ljúfr - Delightful, dear, pleasant
Lund - Sacred grove
Lýth - People folk

Máni - Moon
Megin - Might, strength
Marr - Famous, glorious, great
Mathr - Man
Mothr - Worth, excitement
Múli - Muzzle mouth
Mundr (Mundi) - Protector
Mýr - Ant
Myrkr - Darkness

Nasi - Nose
Nátt - Night
Nef - Nose
Ner - Afraid, cautious
Nes - Spit of land, isthmus, promontory

Niútr - Enjoyment
Nykr - Nixie, water goblin

Oddr - Weapon point
Olfr/ulfr - Wolf
On - Son
(O)rmr - Dragon, serpent
Orri - Black bird
Óthin - Furious
Ótt - Fear, terror

Rathr - Counsel, consultation, decision
Ragn(Regin) - Power, power of the gods
Randr - Shield
Rann - House
Rask - Mature in age; quick, doughty
Raud - Red
Ref - Fox
Reifr - Friendly, happy
Rekker - Warrior
Rekr (Rík) - Mighty, distinguished, rich
Róg - Accusation, dispute, battle
Run - Secret, hidden knowledge

Sæ (Sjar) (Sjor) - Sea, ocean
Sær - Wound, hurt
Sal - Hall, House
Sámr - Dark, swarthy
Sandr - Sand
Sax - Short sword
Sig - Victory
Skald - Poet
Skalli - Skull, hairless head, bald
Skam - Short
Skeggi - Beard
Skjald (Skjöld) - Shield
Skógi - Forest
Skúli - Conceal, protect
Snæ (Snjo) (Snjar) (Snjor) - Snow
Sol - The Sun
Sorg (Syrg) - Sorrow, woe
Sótr - Black
Sparkr - Wise, sensible, peaceable
Spjall - Old lore
Starr - Stiff, hard
Steinn - Stone
Styn - Groan
Styrr - Stir, noise, battle
Sunn - Sun
Surtr - Black
Svartr (Sør) - Black
Svein - Young man

Taf - Sluggish
Tarr - Boar
Tith - Time
Tryggr - Trusty, faithful, reliable
Thjófr - Thief
Thegn - Leigeman
Thialf - The one that encompasses, encloses, keeps together, subdues, subjugates, overpowers, overcomes

Uggr - To fear
Ulf - Wolf
Un(i) - Enjoy, happy, content
Unn(a) - To love

(V)adr (Vald) - Ruler
Val - The dead on the battle field
Varr - Vigilant
Varg - Wolfish
Varthr - Guard, watchman
Ve - Holy
Vig - Battle
(V)in - Friend
Vindr - Winner
(V)ir - Warrior
Vithr - Tree